Black Eyed Peas Releases New Single “Big Love”

The Black Eyed Peas never fail to come out with a song revolving around treating each other better as a whole. Remember their joint with Justin Timberlake titled Where Is The Love? Every time you heard the song, you just want to join hands and hug each other. Their newly released song gives off the same effect.

It’s called Big Love and the beat comes off catchy before we’re even 20 seconds in. The group is always known for spreading socially woke vibes to the entire world. This time, they’re pretty much asking how did we even get here, engulfed in so much hatred and when did we become so divided? They’re reminding us that we are all made out of love, we live off of it, we all have it inside of us but we’re allowing the hate to be so loud that we don’t hear the love. Everyone is going through something so why not love each other instead of kicking one another.

Check out Big Love below:

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