[New Music] G-Eazy ft. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B – No Limit

The Bronx, Harlem, and the Bay all on one track?! G-Eazy teased us about this collaboration and it is finally here. “If I hit one time Imma pipe her” automatically sets the tone for this track.  You already know this track was going to be vulgar and explicit for the ear. G Eazy makes references about having 300 one night stands and a Costco pack of condoms. I mean, what else did we expect from the bad boy.

Now, Cardi’s verse had some lyrics that made us question if she is talking about another popular mc. She hits us with the lyric, “Can you stop with all the subs? B*tch, I ain’t Jared.”  I wonder who this may be about? (*cough* Nicki *cough*).

One thing I have to admit is, I wish A$AP was actually on the track and not just giving us a fire chorus. The Harlem artist should’ve been the main entree of this collab.

All for all, we can say this track can have its moment. Will it be a hit for the bay rapper? We will have to see.

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