Rolling Stone Magazine declares Kendrick Lamar “Greatest Rapper Alive”

Rolling Stone pulled a lot of anecdotes from their recent cover story on Kendrick Lamar. After uncovering a lot of detail from Kendrick who rarely does interviews, they came to the conclusion that Kendrick is the king of Hip-Hop right now. One of the things that helped them come to this conclusion was the controversial topic of ghostwriting. Kendrick provided a strong opinion on that issue by saying “I cannot call myself the best rapper if I have a ghostwriter” this simply put and almost obvious statement created a lot of buzz. The main reason this quote made so much noise on the internet was obvious, that under Kendricks criteria, Drake cannot refer to himself as the best. It should be interesting to see if Drake responds to this claim and which angle he decides to take because it seems like these two have been subbing each other for a while now.

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