@joeyBADASS Gives First Lecture At NYU



Jo-Vaugn Virginie Scott, better known as the moniker Joey Bada$$, is known for having an electrifying performance and has no problems with crowds. However, earlier this week Jozif Badmon rocked a different kind of crowd as he gave his first ever lecture at NYU. A prestigious privately owned university in Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan.

Joey touched on a variety of topics to a packed auditorium including starting his music career at the age of 15 with his own youtube channel, the importance of remaining an independent artiest, how quintessential touring has been to his success, and developed his “music-womb theory.”

During the discussion titled “Pioneering Hip-Hop” Joey put a emphasis on the fact that his does not refer to himself as a rapper, but a hip-hop artiest. A important distinction to make. Joey whom had to dropout of high school because of the success of his music career has been remained independent his entire career. Yet he still has been able to build a cult like following and even speaks on touring overseas. Saying how he loves his European venues, particularly London and Paris. The beast coast representative has even developing his own label, Pro Era, with its own stable of artiest. Joey is a entrepreneur and a perpetuating example of the new american dream.

Some other topics Joey touched on included how music was a essential part of his life growing up, how important his fans are to him, and on the dangers of the influence drug culture has over young impressional hip-hop listeners.

Joey went as far as to call out Atlanta based artist Future on his song “Thought it Was a Droughtfrom his Dirty Sprite 2 album. Saying how kids really try to do so much drugs that they expect to, “take a piss and see Codeine coming out.” Joey, only 21 years young, continues to show his maturity beyond his age going on to say, “My words can inspire someone here today. I came because I just wanted to touch you all and connect.” Showing how he acknowledges his places as an influencer and accepts his position as a roll model.

Joey ended his lecture with a freestyle you can find below. If you still have not heard Joey’s debut studio album B4.Da.$$ check it out.


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